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C.E.T.I.'s Library was founded in 2000. It is located in the Central Building of C.E.T.I. (Tsimiski 58, 67100 Xanthi). Its content covers a wide spectrum of thematic areas, which are related to the Institute's research activities. The bibliography covers primarily the fields of Archaeology, Museology, Education and Physical Sciences with emphasis on Arhaeometry, as well as Technology with emphasis on Information Technology and Computer Science. The present collection includes over 700 titles (books, journals, atlases, doctoral theses, CD-ROMs).

It is organized in five main thematic areas (i) Archaeometry, (ii) Archaeology, (iii) Information Technology, (iv) Educational Technology and (v) Items of General Interest, while the journals constitute a separate category. All the titles, with the exception of journals and CD-ROMs, are filed and categorized per thematic area and according to the international standards. Additionally, they are electronically registered in the system ABEKT 5.5 (System of Library Automatism) of the National Documentation Centre (NDC). The journals are categorized alphabetically per title and in chronological order from the oldest to the most recent. The CD-ROMs are filed alphabetically and are kept in a special section in the library. Moreover, the Library is a member of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL Link), which enables the users to access on-line journals and publications of the main international publishers (Elsevier, Springer, Oxford University Press, Wiley, Blackwell etc.).

Although the Library is not functioning as a lending library, allows the use and study of the books to all personnel, scholars, collaborators, as well as the visitors of the Institute. The content of the Library is constantly expanded and updated according to the evolving needs of the Institute and the recent developments in science and technology. An electronic catalogue is installed to facilitate the use of the library.



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